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GENEX Love is a free Visual Novel with some Dating Sim/Sandbox/RPG Elements - Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

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  1. - English 

Development Status: 

Version 0.2.5 (18/9/22)
Devlog: https://rebootlove.itch.io/genex-love/devlog/429170/version-025

Version 0.2.0 (3/7/22)
Devlog: https://rebootlove.itch.io/genex-love/devlog/399997/version-020

Game About:  

In a world full of "gifted" people, you are a young boy who's life dream was to become a Hero, but sadly, you don't have any ability. But everything will change when your "Genex" shows up!. Embark on this journey of "Becoming a Hero" (Or maybe an Antihero?) while at the same time discovering more about your "ability" , dating beautiful girls, surviving the school, and who knows... Maybe more. 

Game Mechanics:

- Nothing will be "forced" to you (You can skip/avoid girls you don't like).
- Customizable MC name
- Customizable Roles/Nicknames/Names for some girls/player
- Day/Night Cycle
- Stats System
- Map System
- Inventory System
- Prison System (To tame wild girls)
- Girl tracking tab with HINTS -
- Replayable H scenes
- Choices that matter
- Animated H scenes
- Voiced H scenes
- Easy mode
- Super Fights
- Skippable Fights
- Colored Names ON/OFF (Dialogue)
- Text size customizable

Game Planned Content: 
- All girls will have their own story...
- Different Endings
- Vanilla and Not Vanilla sex scenes.

Game Tags: 
Visual Novel with some Sandbox/RPG features

Hope you enjoy this game. You can contact me / support me, or just be up to date in my:

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/McfNg8uGKX
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Rebootlove?fan_landing=true 
Mail: rebootlovecontact@gmail.com

My other games:

Reboot Love 1 - Complete - https://rebootlove.itch.io/reboot-love-1-more-time Reboot Love 2 - On Development - https://rebootlove.itch.io/reboot-love-part-2

Updated 15 hours ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Anime, Character Customization, Erotic, Fantasy, Sandbox, Superhero, Superpowers
Average sessionA few hours


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started playing the game and i love it but when ever it plays a animated scene it starts lagging is there a way to fix this it also happens sometimes with other games using renpy.

It must be something on your laptop, since I've tried the game in and old laptop of mine, and it works fine. Any particular animation or everyone works bad?


wouldn't even know what could be doing this

I know old pc/laptop can lag, maybe if you try the compressed version, I think they resize videos and so, making it lighter.

compressed version the one where it says 32?

I made an account just to say that I love your games, They always have amazing plots, keep up the great work!

Thanks man! Appreciate the effort!!

(1 edit) (+1)

I just wanted to say I like your name, Rebootlove, and it makes me wish you were making a time traveler game with an MC who can go back and do things differently, so the back button and skip button would actually be superpowers worked into the story. :)

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I absolutely love this game, especially the fighting and can't wait for the next update.


Thanks man! Working hard on next update!


Great story so far keep up the good work and btw i love the level up theme. The Epic Sax guy!


- All girls will have their own story...
- Different Endings
So not a harem game then?

Yes harem. That means they will have their stories, but that doesn't mean harem is off. Same for different endings.


I like polyamory as long as it isn't cheaty, boundaries should be respected by all parties. Monogamy has benefits, but I'd rather have many friends with benefits than one jealous master.

when update


Working on it!


i like the story concept and wanted to play but the english translation is pretty sub par. which is understandable as im guessing it's your second language. but its just very different to get into with grammatical errors and stilted language so often.


Are you sure you're talking about Genex Love? For what most users tell me, it has a pretty decent grammar.

I feel like I do. I certainly will give it another shot to make sure though. Rather not make too big a fool of myself.


This game has lots of potential. BUT the choices don't matter much and the end is unsatisfying, Winter is not pretty enough for a climax, she has animal ears and no nose, come on, she is not an acceptable reward for our efforts. Also, you asked at the beginning if I was alpha dom, then you gave me an MC who is a scared little pussy. I'd rather you had not asked, because now it looks like you're intentionally being hostile to alphas. If you had not asked, I would have let this weak shit slide, but now I'm going to use my Genex mojo on you and demand Jennika be put on a leash so I can fuck her in the ass while she licks my semen from a dog bowl like the slutty bitch she is.


Choices do matter... Game has just started and branches will separate.
Winter's look... That's okay for you to don't like her, nobody's forcing you to do her, and we all have different tastes.
About Alpha and that: The MC is just starting in the adult world, he's evolving, don't expect for him to be a female rider in the first days. He's discovering his likes/tastes and will grow on him. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes, I can see that's the story, but it's kinda rude to ask a player if he's dom and then treat him like a sub. If you had not asked, I would not have an expected better and would have enjoyed the story more. Expectations matter.

And you say I don't have to fuck the girl with no nose, but not doing so would leave her a powered up villain and leave me with one less power, not doing so would be out if character. You ask me if I'm alpha and then expect me to choose to remain weak and powerless? Come on now.


Yeah, I get you, but then again, MC's just a kid, growing up and starting to know the world. I'm not sure if most cases "Alpha doms" starts as so, but in several cases I know, it's there but develops within time.  I'd say to you, to try to endure it, in 0.2.0 you will see a big "grow", still not a lot, but pretty close. About Winter, I can just say, Heroes and Villains must make sacrifices from time to time.

(2 edits) (+1)

Power play doesn't have to be sexual, so let's say doms are people who simply prefer to have control rather than be controlled. Plenty of young people are like that, from the "terrible twos" to "teen rebellion". Doms simply take it a step further into adulthood, and are thus associated with adult scenarios, but it's often not about sex at all. I just need a mate who's flexible enough to not rub me the wrong way, someone who listens well enough to take my advice, in and out of the bedroom. Personally, I think the sex obsessed doms aren't very dominant, they're slaves to thier libidos. I like to show my libido who's boss. Maybe I'm an extreme corner case with excessive self-discipline, maybe a bit switch. Some people were dominant from conception, for various reasons, people who use the term alpha are probably more like that, and some do grow into it later, especially the ones who think it's only a BDSM thing. In my case I tried to run away from home when I was 5. My attitude is largely due to the fact than I'm smarter than most people but was bossed around by too many inferior authority figures, so I tend to distrust/despise/depose people telling me what to do. My brain demands due respect.

My apologies if I complain too much, but I'm just tired of people telling me to endure it, to shut up and take it like a gimp. That's kinda the exact opposite of what a dom wants to hear. My needs are not being met and the world needs to be punished. ;-)

Hey, did you know The Punisher was originally a villain? Turned out antiheroes were more popular than anyone realized, so he got this own comic.


Yeah, I hear you, I guess everyone has different process. I won't tell you not to complain, I love complains since those are the ones that make me improve me and the game. In this case, since MC is a kid, I just decided for him to learn in a curve way, realizing what he wants as he also learns about everything.  Also, in this case the choice is mostly sexual, because it will not really affect the game. I know all the variants of the DOM-SUB relationship, even those on the extreme were the DOM practically decides everything for the sub, even when to sleep, eat, dress and common necessities.  Of course, there's also the other edge were the DOM is just DOM in the bed.  Once again, being a DOM doesn't mean you will go BDSM girls just because, is not the same thing. At the same time I'm trying to offer the same option for those who want the exact opposite. It's not easy, and maybe I should have focused only on one branch. But that's why MC is a middle point, so it takes logic to be both ways.  About the Villain thing, maybe I miscalled it, is not like he will go killing/raping/stealing just to conquer the world atm, is more how ppl will see MC. A super dude who kills, steals or doesn't save the world, is often called Villain. A super dude who's willing to kill and use extreme methods, is often called a Vigilante. 

Thanks for the words!

Anal sex?

Not yet in this game, but in the future.

when will 0.2.1 version be free i cant wait to play it more



Love the story, though I wish there was a way to maybe keep the supervillain girl as maybe a part of a harem or something lol

Hi, me again! Played up to the end of 2.0, and quite liked it.

Some observations. First, what I think are bugs (all on the Hero Path):

-"First time", I decided not to text Rei. However, when she shows up and interrupts the conversation with Kate, she still mentions her photo. Related to this, the "second time", when the same choice arrives, the MC goes "maybe I can get a better photo than first time", as if I had texted her.

-"First time" I texted "Gwen", but "Second time" MC acted as if I hadn't.

-First time, on day 14, I get a dialogue that says "nothing important happened at school... But I decided to talk to Hanah...", however I get no scene and then it goes to the Cat Café scene. Don't know if a scene didn't trigger (I had intervened on the two locker room scenes) or if that prompt was left by mistake thinking of the second time.

Now, a comment on the claim that "nothing will be forced on you, and that you can skip/avoid girls you don't like" - my main gripe with RB1. Well, the story starts by you doing Red Moon, but I can easily forgive that because it's the inciting incitend that gets the story going and clues the MC on how his power works.

Playing with everything on except "dirty talk" (great work on the alternative dialogue BTW), I must say that this greatly holds true; the only offender to this promise being Jennika. On both Sundays, I decided to ignore her and walk past her house - however, the second time the rooftop incident happens, she almost treats me as if we had a history (something that has we unsure if this isn't a bug too), and then takes the MC into her office. You don't get a chance to say no at any moment during that encounter, which I disliked. Maybe there's a story reason behind her being unavoidable if that's the case, as maybe at some point you will need her powers, but then again, getting Winter's powers was optional...

In contrast, for me the golden standard is the encounter with Kate after being stabbed in the leg. You can accept her help, then stop her right after when you see things may be getting a bit too close for comfort - yes, give me that player choice! Loved that. 

Now for the praise: the story is engaging, the characters are interesting, all the model shots are high quality, very well done once more. I think the reboot works great as a twist, but I hope it's not overused by happening a lot. 

Oh, a suggestion before I forget! Sometimes, you get a hint that says  "this choice will affect X" or "great choice if you want Y". It would be nice if, at the start of the game, you got a yes or no choice on wheter you want to see said hints pop up or not! You know, as you do for many types of content! 

Best of lucks with the development, looking forward to future updates!


Hi, thanks for those comments, I missed a few things. I'll fix them soon.

About Jennika's office, that's a bug, she should only take you there if you visited her at her house, I'll check this too.

Thanks for the comments, about the "info" I asked several users before doing this, they said it was ok. But, do you really think adding an option to set them off is needed, what I'm trying to say... Does they really ruin your game? If that's so, I'll try to see how to change this to be optional. Once again, sorry for those bugs, I'll fix them as soon as possible!


1- Thanks for the fast reply! 

2- It's a relief to hear that Jennika thing is a bug, it felt like a weird forced encounter in a game that otherwise always offered a choice.

3- Don't apologize about the bugs at all! To help the dev catch them is one of the "features" of playing a game in early development, if you will haha. Also, it feels nice knowing that after the fix new players will have a better experience in part due to me hehe.

4- Now, about the info: no, it being there does not ruin my game. I can totally live with it. It's more of  a... "quality of life" thing?  At least the first time I saw it (after the "talk/ignore her" Lisha choice) it brought me out of the moment a bit, to receive that instant feedback on the consequences of my decision. I think there's certain charm or engagement to be had in making  a choice, and for some moments or scenes at least, not knowing for certain if it was the right one or not, for you; having that uncertainty.

Now, I understand any addittion or change to the game means more work for you, and you are already splitting your time between two projects plus real life, so it's understandable if you want to leave it as is. But, if at some point in the future you were in a place where despite having time you don't know what else to add to the game, do consider adding that option. I just thought it best to mention it now, in case such a thing were easier to code relatively early on, rather than late in the game's development.

Once more, props for the a very enjoyable and well made game, looking forward to its future!

Good luck with everything!


Thanks man! It's really nice to read you.

I'll keep this all in mind for the next update, I'll see if I can add this option!!

And once again, thanks for the bug reporting, helps a lot!


Game was updated fixing those errors and some others. I hope this time it works as intended! Thanks again for reporting them!

Wow, thanks for the quick work! Lightning fast! I'll give it a whirl later to confirm it's all working as intended, while being on the lookout for anything else out of place! 

Hey, I want to confirm that all the bugs I reported are fixed and the game is for the most part working as intended! I only ran across two problems that weren't there in 2.0 

The first in an exception (image) I get on Day 10, rigth between leaving the cave after facing Winter and before talking with Erick. Ignoring it twice makes the game resume.

The second is a coherence issue. If you don't text Rei the first time, now after the roof event your convo with Kate ends when Jennika shows up (so Rei doesn't sit on your lap and everyone doesn't start talking about your heroic acts). However, the second time around, after the roof event, you still get the "Shit, I almost forgot! This was a really uncomfortable situation... most of the girls were talking about me..." bit.

 Thanks again for all the hard work on the game! Playing it again a couple of times made me really appreciate all the variations the bridge "VN fight" had to offer! I also have a list of typos I found but I think it may be better if I sent those to you via the discord? Do let me know!


Hi! Thanks again for this!! It's really helpful!

I'll try to fix them, asap!

And yes, if you want to send me those typos/errors via discord, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks again for your kind words!!

I want to ask how to update the game without resetting the progress? I want to give more support on this game and since I paid for version 1.5 I want to ask another question since many of my viewers wanted to play the game for free because they' don't have a job or anything but they gladly like to support the game and share it with everyone so maybe they can find some donors or finance supporters, so they are asking if when they can get 0.2 for free? I paid version 0.2 already because I like the game! and the plot is so amazing! the gameplay is superb! I can try different routes like becoming a villain or a hero or both (kinda like a vigilante half bad half good) characters are great! I'm actually rooting to have a better relationship with Lisha, Kate, Miss Jennika and the villain with wind power (forgot the name lol kinda like Windy?) but overall I love it! I'm hoping for its future progress!  

Hi, thanks for the nice words!
In order to give the patreons a benefit overall, I try to keep them always one version ahead. So 0.2.0 will be free probably in august/september.
In order to update the game sucessfully, you only need to save when the "SAVE messagge" shows, then download new version, then load and continue the game. I know there's a bug updating from 0.1.0 to 0.1.5 but the update from 1.5 to 2.0 is working fine!!

What do they mean by this

When you get the new version, if you don't want to restart everything, you can save there, and then update, then load the save to continue your game.

Okey thx

Can i load data from 1.0 to continue or do i gotta start over cause at 1.0 it told me to save at the end and to relaunch the ending part when an update drops but after i relaunched it at 1.5 it still returns to the main menu

It's recommended one last fresh start.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

(1 edit) (-1)

Your teacher, Miss Jennika, is your answer. (But if you have maledom active, you won't let her dominate you)

when is  0.1.5 going to be free?


Wow its like that generic anime that gay kids love


Is 0.15 going to be free soon?


Yes, probably after 0.2.0 is out!


Nice Game/VN


I dunno maybe add more scenes maybe cuz I only encountered one haha

Is this like censored?

No. Game is fully uncensored. 


when will 0.15version that is free goona be publish


June, probably.


What do you mean by "behind" the girls? I want to fuck Jennika, but I don't support her evil mind rape ways


If you have Femdom and Maledom active, you will get to fuck her, but no, she won't femdom you.


Do we have to chose all the "Good Hero" options to get the good hero ending? 

Accepting reward money being treated as a villain thing is incredibly stupid to me.


Accepting the reward doesn't give you "True Hero points". But it never says anything of making you Villain. No, you won't need to have all the correct choices, but most of them, probably.


Oh ok, cool. Good to know


The idea of being able to play as a villain sounds fun!


Yes, it will be  a hard challenge to code, but if it goes as planned, we will grow into a nice villain!

When will you release the 0.1.0 in public version?


Hi, probably next weekend!


I had a ton of fun playing this.

Can't wait to see more, great job!


Thanks! I really appreciate your words!

I'm working on more and more every day!

Deleted 161 days ago

Yeah, sure, there is no problem, not sure how to do that myself, if you care to explain me. 

Deleted 161 days ago

this demo is really short, but I like the direction it is headed. (also the tons of warnings at the start made me expect more content)


Is there voice acting?


No, I can't even imagine how much would that cost... The animations will have sound effects and girls sounds, but not voice acting.


Dang, welp thanks for replying I'll check it out


I played what's available of the game and i LOVE it, really looking forward to future updates :)


Thanks! I will try to update ASAP!


nice demo, i like to have some battle and the story seems interesting (i hope you keep that way) you should have a mode where mc&kate are just good friend calling each other nice or bad name depending the context, i understand you let that choice to the player but i think that odd for the dialog. And why are we having only two day to play in two weeks ? (plus the end seems to pass to weeks 3) it's weird in a sandbox type of game i hope it's just because it's the very begining of the game.

anyway good luck with this nice game, i'll keep an eye on this one. stay safe


About MC & Kate, maybe I could add something else eventually for them. Fixing some dialogues depending or the relationship choosen. But that's something for the long shot.

About the week thing, yeah, eventually some weeks will be full of events, and some may have a few, I'd like to have all weeks full, but maybe for later.  At this point, we are really still in the intro of the girls, so there's a lot to do!

Hope to see you around later!


So uhhh, why can't i click on things on the map?

Its just a super demo teaser of the game. No real game content so far...

Ah, alright


R genex allies?


What? xD

Genex is also an archetype of yugioh cards, with R-genex and genex ally as sub archetypes




Never saw Yugi-oh, you lost me there.

Only watched the first, and some of the gx but genex didnt appear until way later, but i did play some