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Reboot Love is a free Visual Novel with some Dating Sim/RPG elements game for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

Please, bear in mind... This was my first game ever...

If you wan to support me you can click here:

Hey Guys! I just remastered the whole game!
Version 0.9.96 is FREE FOR ALL NOW!!!  


  1. - English (100%)

Development Status - REMASTERED VERSION:

What does REMASTERED means?

Since it was my first game, I was unable to do proper animations, and some images were really bad.... (Hairs killing the girls and so). So, I decided to wash the game a little...

What's new? what has changed!?

Well, actually there's nothing "new", at least not for now.... This Remastered version improves some images mostly, and adds a lot of animations!! Also adding sound effect to the animations and other moments of the game. I also worked into improving the language, it's not perfect, it's still far from good, but I think it had improved a lot.  

- Game default English language.
- Added a "fast reboot" if you get Trianna and Lily (To avoid replaying everything). - Difficulty setting for the Sfights.
- Added Replay function at the end of the game.
-Music added/replaced: Several
-Sounds added to animations

The game is now "Finished", but don´t worry the story will continue in Reboot Love Part 2 The next game which will allow the player to keep playing after the end with NEW features and NEW gameplay!!


I´m now working on the next game: https://rebootlove.itch.io/reboot-love-part-2

Game About:
Reboot love is Visual Novel with some RPG/Dating Sim elements. 

You are the Hero, and you have 1 month to put your life in order... You will be sent to a new school, where you will meet a lot of beautiful girls. You will have to build up your stats, and make the right choices to pass the final exam, get the girls, and save the world in the process Yes, you are some kind of "SuperHero"... Don´t worry if you don´t get all the content in the first run, you will be able to restart it, with extra stats to get them all!.

Game Sex Content: 
Resume: BDSM/MolesterSex/SexFights/NormalSex

- Animated scenes
- Be Tied up by a girl
- Be molested by a girl
- Public/Hidden/Forbidden sex scenes
- Molest a girl
- Stalk a girl
- BDSM a girl
- Normal romance stories
- Sex Games 
- Sex Fights (Make her cum before she makes you cum)

Game Tags:
- Custom MC name
- Dating sim
- Visual Novel
- Replayable content

Hope you enjoy this.

You can contact me / support me, or just be up to date in my:

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/McfNg8uGKX
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Rebootlove?fan_landing=true
Mail: rebootlovecontact@gmail.com


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RebootLove1MoreTime-0.9.96-pc.zip 998 MB
RebootLove1MoreTime-REMASTERED-0.9.97-pc.zip 1 GB
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Rebootlove1MoreTime-REMASTERED-0.9.97.apk 1 GB
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RebootLove1MoreTime-REMASTERED-0.9.97-mac.zip 1 GB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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really loving the game so far but i think it would be a good idea to have a native english speaker proof read all the dialog as i have seen a great deal of mistakes, which dosent make the game any less good just hard to read sometimes. but keep up the good work im having a lot of fun enjoying the story :)

Yeah, not sure if you played 0.9.97 or .96. But in 97 you will see a lot of improvements, even so, if things keep improving, I'll get a proofreader to improve the dialogue. So far I had some help from a few users.

Heyo, maybe just happening to me but I downloaded the 9.96pc free version. it starts but the window immediately closes

Hi! I love the game in terms of the girls and their scenes. The story was ok in terms of H games. However, I think that if you add a Gallery function so that players can rewatch specific scenes with the girls, that would be great! Thanks

Hi, thanks! It's been added some kind of gallery thing to the remastered version at the end of the game.

alright not gonna lie, was first skeptical about the game, but goddamn did I fell in love with the characters and story.

Downloading the second part immediately !

Nice! I'm glad you like it! Hope you like part 2 as well!


I gave the game an honest shot, but the beginning is too similar to Genex for my tastes, so I had the same problems. The story portrays the MC as not smart and not charming, so when I chose intelligence and charisma as my high stats, I immediately got the opposite of what I wanted. What I got was this:

"]Hi, here's your character. You don't like him. His life is a living hell and now it's yours.]"

You might want to bait that hook. I see no bait. I see a big hook and I don't want in my mouth. ... Scratch that, I don't want a hook at all, just throw me some food. Just let me skip to the good stuff. :)

(3 edits) (-1)

I'm going to give this game another chance. I'll just try to skip the parts that rub me the wrong way.

Edit / Update: The more I see the less I like. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt because I expected more Lily, but all I got was repeatedly raped by Amelie. Enslaved by your cousin?? Dude, I don't understand why you would fantasize about this. She's a villain. I would have choked the bitch out and fed her to an alien as soon as she started blackmailing me. You have issues.

For the remaster, is it strictly only paid for, or will it be free eventually.


No, I'll make it free around August or September for sure.

Thanks for the fast reply!

I can't wait to try this game! I am just waiting for the remaster. Hopefully it is coming out soon. 

(1 edit)

do i have to get the remastered version for the fully translated game
edit: im stupid i didnt see the language option in preferences

wait nvm just like GalacticMania im stupid lol

0.9.96 has some lines not translated, and most lines not proofreaded. 0.9.97 has 99.99% of the games fully translated, and improves a lot the language.


What attracted me to this game was the advertised one month-time limit. There's a lot of dating sandboxes where, if you are willing to invest enough play time, you get all the girls eventually. I liked that this limit seemed to pose a challenge, since you'd have to choose wisely on who to spend your limited time. 

I was plesantly surprised to be greeted  by a stats allocator screen at the start. Yes, an even bigger challenge than I had been bargaining for! I soon got another surprise by discovering that this was no sandbox at all, but a more traditional, structured novel.  One where not only did you have to make the right choices, but have the right stats, the time managing being which one to train before the next skill check. Props for that concept. Both the normal fights and specially the sex fights deserve praise as well.

Now, luck stopped smiling on me quite soon, because out of the three routes available, the only one that you seem unable to be locked out of, is the one that I wanted to step off the most, due to not enjoying the type of content it centered on (being dominated/blackmailed) nor the girl. 

I reached the ending twice, and I got to say, the concept it centers on is interesting. Interesting enough that I was not bothered by the fact that a second playtrough appears to be forced; rather, I was quite excited to see what I could see that I had missed the first time around.

If I may be allowed a comment in jest, in the end the whole human race was wiped out because the hero refused to molest a girl. I think not progressing the Lily route locking you out of the Trianna path near the end was an annoyance, but a minor one in the grand scheme of things: you, after all, seem to need all the girls to get a good end regardless.

I left feeling that, while this was not the game I wanted it to be due to that, you learned the rights lessons from it. Namely, that both of the games you are currently developing have the disclaimer Nothing will be "forced" to you (You can skip/avoid girls you don't like). I don't think I'll be playing RL part 2, it being a sequel of this, but I'll be adding Genex Love to my "games to keep an eye on" list; best of lucks with the development of both! 

This was a great effort and result for your first game - while I disagree with some of the development/concept choices, it's clear that the execution of everything was of a very high quality. Props.


Thanks for the words man, yes, I've learned a few things after RBL1, and yes, forcing content/girls on player is a mistake I'll try not to make again. Even if tons of players find Amelie really interesting, I know understand that tons of other players may find it annoying. At least, when the player don't have the ability to defend itself or prevent it somehow. RBL2 goes that way, but as you mentioned is more sandbox than a VN, so it may no be of your liking, but once there, RBL2 won't force any girl on you. For Genex I believe you may find an interesting game, trying to stay in the VN style of RBL1 but with a lots of improvements. Hope to read you again, thanks for the words!



What's sure? There's no  sure button there

That's what they want you to believe....

Hello I played (Bought) the 0.9.97 version and love the reworking of the lighting, visuals and more textures and animations of this version. Difficulty for the sexfights are great, so we can easily win or lose those fights. The fully animated scenes are very smooth. The lighting and texture made it better.

I know that this will sound a little bias and annoying to you RebootLove. But there are some things that would be very nice if you added before the games goes 1.0 (because I love sexfight games so much!)

-On Trianna path, there are days 11 and 27 that said future updates. Day 11 is obviously a fight with Jikininse. But nothing happens on day 27.

-Need unique sexfight animations or moves for Susan and Mikah

-Needs a rendered Finishing animation moves when winning or losing at the sexfight (for example, Beating Trianna at the rematch).

-You could make the gallery available on the menu once you reached the true ending of the game 

-The reboot a few days back just for Amelie is kinda weird, why not go back to any specific day that the player can go back to where he/she messed up?

Unless I'm missing something that counters everything I said. Just don't push yourself too hard. I really love this game and part 2. I hope you make more games like this!


Hi! Thanks for this words, I'll keep them in mind.

I'd really love to know how to make a Menu Gallery. I tried to implement that in the past, but wasn't able to. That's why I added at the end of the game. I'll try to add animations for Susan and Mikah, but I can't add new moves or so, since it would require to re-code the entire fight (which was my first one) and it would probably explode or something... But yeah, I can try to work and ending move at least.

The reboot only for Amelie is for players who want an easy/fast ending, since rebooting everything only to change the ending, may seem lot of work for the player. Since RBL1 doesn't have a well done reboot system as Genex does.

Thanks for the words!


What is the cheat code....or where can I get it

Love this game very unique :D

Only thing I wish was in this game and hope is in the next game is

Bit of spoilers...

That the monsters even though they have dicks they don't really use it that much. Maybe be given a choice to stop them or let them rape the girls and the police woman would have been cool if you could do something with them especially after saving her from the monster.

(1 edit)

Can This Game work At Joiplay?

Not sure, never tested it.

(1 edit)

WTF!!! Too anticlimactic... Do I kill the monster and still I die? You are forced to repeat even winning the fight....??? I was on the first reboot, with all stats at 15 and still I die. Insert here Confused_Travolta.gif meme.

EDIT: I reached the end again, with everything maxed out again, and as I expected, MC dies and starts all over again. Insert here Morpheus_AGAIN.gif.

It gets to the point where I don't want to enjoy the game, just hold ctrl to skip all the scenes and try to end it soon. I will stop here. I appreciate the attempt Dev, but there is no possibility to continue in this "infinite loop".

You do have to reboot a few times, what I found you need is max agility so your attacks land and to check the girls status to find out what you missed cause thats actually important for the ending :)

Ayuda, me sale descarga prohibida :(


A mi me funcionan bien los enlaces de descarga de aca... Algo en tu pc debe estar bloqueandolos. Prueba con estos:

DRIVE DOWNLOAD v0.9.96 (Windows/Linux): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJWKmnDPVY2VzMOe8cUMou99KwKSwIAA/view?usp=sharing
DRIVE DOWNLOAD v.0.9.96 (Mac):
MEGA DOWNLOAD v.0.9.96 (Windows/Linux):
MEGA DOWNLOAD v0.9.96 (Mac):

Muchas gracias, esos links si me funcionaron

Deleted 195 days ago

You'll need to reboot when you reach that part, the next play mc will know he must not miss that opportunity.

(1 edit)

How do you complete the last part on Amelie on Day 0?? And the second part of Lily’s Day 21??

Check the girls status after school above your status, you can see what choices you made that could have been wrong for the ending. Amelie I think you have to reboot a few times until MC does things different and his stats are higher and Lily after the bus choose the drunk at a party option is where you might have made a mistake

Hey, wanted to download via the Itch.io launcher, but the file isn't showing up. Is it just me?

Old saves don't work for me in version 9.96 is this normal ? 

Yes, since I've changed a lot, old saves shouldn't work.


Is there any "galley" where you can rewatch the scene?


No, it was not implemented in RBL1 for the moment.

I selected english but the game  is sometimes still in spanish

is there a way to fix that ?

(1 edit) (+1)

When updating the MC custom name some lines were fucked and need to be re-translated, I'm working on those lines. Probably fix it soon. I'm also working on fixing all the "i" and "´" and so... Probably will update on sunday!


ok thx

(2 edits)

its not in english but it says english so is it a seperate download 

nevermind im retarded


You are not, it was my noob fault. Could never get to set the main start language to english.

there is a bug that does not let progress in the story


Game works fine, you may be missing something to get the good ending if you are dying at the school even when you are winning the fight.

it won't let me advance in the story with trianna

If you can be more specific I could help you

the problems have already been solved, I wait for new updates, and new scenes

Part 1 is complete, You've been talking about part 2?

Is there a way to change the name of your character?

Name is fixed in the first part.

I know its a bit of an ask but is their a way for me to change that on my end? Markus is my brothers name and i am not on board being called that in this kind of game

It is.... I'm going to see if I can do it in some way, but again, in part 2 you can rename the MC and the relationship with Amelie too. 

Well thanks for looking into it, and i know you can change it in part 2 but i figured i should play part one first unless its included in part 2

No, part 2 continues part 1.


Ok man, after a few hours of coding... The MC's name will be customizable in RBL1 too! I'm probably uploading the new version on sunday!


Wow man you are a badass. Thanks so much.

keep getting this error

Hi, I think i finally solved it. I'm uploading right now, I'll give you the links in a minute, if you can test it, and tell me if it's working or not.

(1 edit)

Try this please:



it works now

Excellent news!


Where can i find the cheat codes?

good game

guys do you know how to beat jikinense??


The one in the school?

Hey there I'm new! Can I get some help? As you can see(of course you can't see it) reboot love 1 more time is crushing everytime I'm entering the game it doesn't even go to the main menu. I'm an Android user and playing using JoiPlay every other game is working except this one, can you help me thank you in advance!

Here is the log.txt (copy-paste)

Thu Oct 28 12:45:54 2021

Unknown platform.



Bootstrap to the start of init.init took 0.00s

Bootstrap to the start of init.init took 0.00s

Manufacturer vivo model V2038

Screen diagonal is 5.84845658652 inches.

Early init took 0.11s

Early init took 0.11s

Android searchpath: /storage/emulated/0/PC Games/RebootLove1MoreTime-0.6.0-pc/game

Loader init took 0.05s

Loader init took 0.05s

Loading error handling took 0.22s

Loading error handling took 0.22s

Loading script took 5.54s

Loading script took 5.54s

Saving to /storage/emulated/0/PC Games/RebootLove1MoreTime-0.6.0-pc/saves

HW video is enabled

Autosave is disabled

Saving to /storage/emulated/0/PC Games/RebootLove1MoreTime-0.6.0-pc/saves

Loading save slot metadata. took 0.94s

Loading save slot metadata. took 0.94s

Loading persistent took 0.00s

Loading persistent took 0.00s

Importing _renpysteam: ImportError('No module named _renpysteam',)

Set script version to: (7, 4, 7)

Full traceback:

  File "Scripts/Combates/fight.rpyc", line 30, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 1022, in execute

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2259, in py_eval_bytecode

  File "game/Scripts/Combates/fight.rpy", line 30, in <module>

  File "renpy/display\video.py", line 380, in __init__

Exception: Movie(channel='movie') doesn't work on mobile when config.hw_video is true. (Use a different channel argument.)

While running game code:

  File "game/Scripts/Combates/fight.rpy", line 30, in <module>

Exception: Movie(channel='movie') doesn't work on mobile when config.hw_video is true. (Use a different channel argument.)

DPI scale factor: 1.000000

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 326, in bootstrap

  File "renpy/main.py", line 540, in main

  File "Scripts/Combates/fight.rpyc", line 30, in script

  File "Scripts/Combates/fight.rpyc", line 30, in script

  File "renpy/ast.py", line 1022, in execute

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2259, in py_eval_bytecode

  File "game/Scripts/Combates/fight.rpy", line 30, in <module>

  File "renpy/display\video.py", line 380, in __init__

Exception: Movie(channel='movie') doesn't work on mobile when config.hw_video is true. (Use a different channel argument.)

While running game code:

  File "game/Scripts/Combates/fight.rpy", line 30, in <module>

Exception: Movie(channel='movie') doesn't work on mobile when config.hw_video is true. (Use a different channel argument.)


it seems you mobile has some issue with rhe video codes. I ve tested it in different android devices and it works fine. What are you using?

Vivo Y20s [G] (Android 11)

(1 edit)

By the way I downloaded it in your Patreon "Mega" Pc.zip

It throws an error for me, right when you first go to school:

IOError: Couldn't find file 'Images/Genericas/Genericas/Universidad1.webp'

Just press "Ignore" it will be fixed in the next update!

Overall, I like the game, but I'm also rather frustrated and I didn't expect to be. I knew I would have to play through a few times to get a lot of points to use at the start, that's not what I'm frustrated about.

I'm more frustrated about a couple hints that I had gotten. There's two things I obviously need to do in order to actually beat that last fight and it's not really clear what I need to do.

For Lily I was consistently failing day 6. Tried all the choices. When trying the event and it ends with "Maybe there's more than just reading", sounds like I need more Intelligence so I run go to do it again but at 15 Intelligence but still fail. Then I thought maybe it's Charisma so I tried raising that and still failed. The only thing that wasn't high was Luck, increased that to 10 and I guess somehow that was the answer. Either that or the Luck apology with Amelie at the start of the game, I'm not certain.

The other hint is about Trianna after beating her. "Maybe if I didn't take a shower..." How do I even do that? I don't get the option to take one or not. My stats must play a role in it but I don't have a clue as to which one.

Hey, yeah, sorry for that, the lesson was learned. To get to read trianna´s text you need to do Lily´s branch correctly. I´m gonna modify the tips when i upload the next version, to make it clear, you are not the first with that problem.


No worries, it's just something you end up finding out from feedback. I'm sorry that it came off a little harsh!

I do like the game and story though, looking forward to seeing how things progress!


NP man, i also made a walkthrough for the game.

How does one locate this walkthrough?


https://discord.gg/5ZrS3HAPwb in the game guide channel

I can't advance with lily on day 6, how did you level up your character?

Having every stat to at least 10 worked for me, I also tried the luck option when the player character is apologizing on the way to school

I think I found out, the money is missing. I did what you recommend, I left everything at 10, the other days I used the money and it was.
thank you friend ^^

Did you get the writing fixed yet?

i talk to some pro but the cost is fucking high for and indie like me (doing the full proyect would cost me 9 times the earnings till now). Maybe in the future or when the users help me. 

hey I'm happy to help however I can in my free time if you need any help lmk

really enjoyed the game and I'm happy to do something to help since I enjoyed the game  for free lol but yeah thanks and the offer stands :)

Like i said, if you join my discord you could help me to fix it. I corrected some words for next update, but mostly typos like "allready, inmobilize and so"... But i know there´s a lot of work to go hehe


A member started doing a proofreading check, he just started but it´s a beginning!

How's that proofreading going? This game is unplayable. It looks fun but I can't get past the broken English on nearly every screen. 

Yeah paying a professional is expensive, but if you just used a text editor with spellcheck like Google Docs or whatever then it would improve things. It's just sloppy and there's no excuse.

I will eventually focus on this, but up to know, I'm really focusing on RBL2, which is the current project I'm working on. And I think I'm becoming a little better at the language hehe. I'd really love to have the time to focus on both, but for the moment, I don't. :(

Although most of the ppl say RBL1 has a lot of mistakes, everybody said it's understandable.


Version 0.5 is now FREE, im sorry for the delay, i´m having real life issues with my daughter and my mind is kind of off... I´ll probably release 0.6 free in november. And Part 2, maybe this weekend.


can you pl add anal sex


Part 2 will probably have that!

but i do really like the game its just pissing me off that i know i cant get passed day 24 because im still stuck with the 0.4 version

ok i have a question if you just release version 0.6 to patrons and also say it will be free in a few days and its been a few days why is version 0.5 still 3$ at the same price as 0.6 and only o.4 is free to play why is there a spot that every time iv been throw Trianna’s quest line that day 24 of hers i cant seem to get to see because it stops me aftter beating the jikininse with horns that the cop shoots the mc??????????? it is really pissing me off because it says its should be able to bee seen but i cant. so why the heck is version 0.5 3 $ still and 0.6 just let out to patrons and is also 3 $ ??????????

People that support the game in patreon or here, should have their benefits, don´t worry 0.5 will be released soon, but i´m working on the Part 2 now, and it´s been a complete rework of the entire game, so it took me a little longer than expected. But i´m still fully working on this... Very soon!

ok i understand but can you tell me why i cant even get to trianna’s seen the 24 day for her? iv tried to do everything posible to get to her 14 day and i only end up with the fight….

If you need any help, i´ll gladly help via the discord https://discord.gg/5ZrS3HAPwb

Is there any diffirence between android and pc version 0.6?

No, they are the same.

(1 edit)

oh thanks again


so frustrated on the prefect mix of point, damn i am here for fun not to get angry, i deleting it ....

(1 edit)

What got you that frustrated??


i think he mean is to unlock or trigger  a event/scene, player must reach high point (charisma,strength,agility,etc....) 

and it's impossible to unlock all cutscene in 1 save load

Yeah, part 2 will not force the player to reboot.


I like the idea, but the game is pretty stat reliant and you need to get a perfect mix to get all the scenes, but it is still pretty good but not for me

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