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Reboot Love is a free Visual Novel/Dating Sim/Sandbox game for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

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Version 2.5.5 Patreon Release: 20/08/22
Version 2.5.0 Public Release: 20/08/22
Version 2.5.0 Patreon Release: 04/06/22

Free/Itchio version will be released on the date announced or when the next version comes out (whichever comes last).



  1. - English (100%)

Development Status:
Version 2.5.5:

Changelog 2.5.5:

Changelog 2.5.0:

Game Mechanics:

- Nothing will be forced to you (You can skip/avoid girls without consequences).
- Customizable MC name
- Customizable Roles/Nicknames for some girls/player
- Day/Night Cycle
- Warning Advice about every girl content (when not vanilla).
- Stats System
- Map System
- Inventory System
- Girl tracking tab with HINTS
- Replayable H scenes
- Animated/sounded H scenes
- Choices that matter
- Girls can be restarted if wanted/needed.
- Heart system to bypass requirements
- Easy mode
- SexFights
- Normal Fights

Game About: After the events of Reboot Love 1 More Time,  you will have to face new challenges, in a new game, with a new game style and improvements!

Reboot Love Part 2 is Visual Novel/Sandbox/Dating Sim game with some plot twists. You have to put your life in order... School is over but summer is just beginning, you will meet A LOT of beautiful girls. You will have to build up your stats, and make the right choices to get the girls...

This game is a large project, I will focus on a better quality (images, sound, animations). Updates will not be as fast as Reboot Love 1 More Time. 

Game Planned Content: 
All girls will have their own story... Threesomes, Foursomes, lesbian, girl stealing, Twins, BDSM, Extorsion sex, Violent sex, Exposure Sex, Kinbaku/Shibari, Hidden sex, Harem,  MILF, Vaginal, Anal, Titjobs, Blowjobs, Real Cosplays  etc. The game has 17 girls to do, everyone with their own personality and story to follow.

Game Tags: SandBox - Dating sim - Visual Novel - RPG
Content Tags so far included
- Public exposure/foreplay
- Violence
- Femdom
- Maledom
- Sextoys
- Forced to MC
- Forced by MC
- Threesome
- H-Cosplay
- Hidden Sex
- Titjobs
- Blowjobs
- Sex
And more.

Hope you enjoy this. You can contact me / support me, or just be up to date in my:

DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/McfNg8uGKX Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Rebootlove?fan_landing=true Mail: rebootlovecontact@gmail.com

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Character Customization, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, NSFW, pc, Romance, Sandbox
Average sessionA few hours


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damn, the first one was awesome. now when you reboot you don't keep stats and its more farming as well? screw that noise. I'm not starting from scratch over and over. 

I'm very confused, I'm at the club with Riley and Hiley and tried to make a move on both, but it told me that I lied to them too much but I don't remember lying to them at all. Am I just not able to make a move on both or did I somehow screw up the choices?

i need a little help, im inside the real world after having done all the scene with amelie.

and i don't know how to go back in to the weird world.


In your room, you should have a "planet" icon to switch worlds. 

if you mean the room inside the house of amelie mother, than when i interact with it the game tells me that there's nothing for me there.


(1 edit)

Hey. Played (bought) the 2.5.5 version and already liking this update already. Improved Fight mode, my favorite girl Trianna has been awakened. And Luna and Xenia are getting progression.

I really love the Idea in Violet and Trianna's path, if you lose to the Female assaulters and sexfight. You have sex with them (I don't know if that NTR'd Violet and Trianna) and ended their paths.

I just have one minor issue in this game:

-When I was checking Xenia's progress. The part after (Personal Training and need $200). The next progression, Both Letters of "Talk to her" and "Wait for Future Updates" got mixed together. IDK it's one of those progress update that has the words merging.

Keep up the good work. Hope you add sexfights against for Trianna, Violet, and Lily. Finally an awakening for Xenia and maybe give Josie the other girls a chance in the next update!


Hi, thanks for taking the time to write me!
About Xenia, yes, I fixed that yesterday, there's also some other minor things fixed, and a major bug (that most player won't encounter). I'll update the fixes on the weekend. I'll keep working hard to add a lot of content for all the girls, and more sexfights of course!

Lol I just found the major bug in 2.5.5 (I think). Does the Girl's name Rhyme with Amelia? That breaks the 4th wall and refuses to be added into the harem?

Btw I played the Hard version of Trianna's sexfight event. I counted 4 defeated events and they all played the same scene. is there gonna be 4 different variations of those defeated events? That would be awesome!

I love Lily's content! The game is well made but I enjoyed the most out of Lily's character development. It's real and erotic at the same time. Would you consider adding some more punishments to Lily with the theme of BDSM? Like force climax, and most of all floggings or spankings? Thanks!


Yes, Eventually we will get to do more BDSM things with Lily!

Are there still going to be updates for part 1 or is it already final and you'll just fix any bugs reported to you?

Yes, RBL1 is complete. Maybe I may add something in the future, or fix things, but that should be it.

Just wanted to say thx for an amazing game.

Thanks for taking the time to make the comment! 

Question: Xenia's and the twins/hileys hint tell me to talk to them but when I try it says to wait for future content... Is this a bug?

Yes, it should be not showing that, since it's next update content.

the club icon click keeps crashing the game

Gonna need some context or a screenshot of the error if you can.


Tried getting roaches at night and got an error 

ScriptError: could not find label 'invfailroachcatchedintheforest'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 331, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/main.py", line 662, in main


  File "renpy/main.py", line 148, in run


  File "renpy/execution.py", line 922, in run_context


  File "2/Scripts/Inventory.rpyc", line 696, in script

  File "renpy/script.py", line 918, in lookup

    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))

ScriptError: could not find label 'invfailroachcatchedintheforest'.

Not a fan of the 30 day timer.  Please tell me this is not 30 days only again?   

No day limit this time!

Bought and played the  2.5.0 update and i like what i was able to play and achieve, untill the re(ee~)boot because i forgot to get a place for my own... -is/will there be something like a walkthrough or charakter(dating) guide for this game? Because sometimes i like to know what i'm doing and avoid repetitive grind.


Hi, I have a few guides in the discord page, feel free to join to look at them, you can still ask for any help you need with a certain girl, there will be plenty of users and I to help you.

I have to play Reboot Love 1 or not...?


Not really necessary but recomended.

Will this version also have Spanish translation? pls i need it

Lo siento, por el momento no hay traducción oficial al español. Aunque tengo entendido que hay algunas páginas donde lo traducen. 


On version 2.4.5, how do i do Mikah and Lily's talk event after unlocking the school, when i go to the normal world to talk to them, it says to wait for more content, even though the patch notes talk about the events(already did Amelia's)

You should be able to talk to them so they move into the school at 2.4.5. 

(1 edit)

This is what happens when i talk to them, I tried reloading and trying to recruit them before Amelia but it says the same thing, I'm on android.

And this to confirm i have 2.4.5

Can you share me your save file to see what's wrong?


Dunno if it's possible to upload a file through itch.io comments so i uploaded on mediafire

Ok, It's working fine. I moved the talk event about harem and moving to the school for Lily and Mikah to 2.5.0, since it was only a talk and no real content. Once you get 2.5.0 you will be able to advance her as normal.

So just got through most of the game and I'm enjoying it quite a bit! Only thing is there are a couple issues I've come across.

1. After rebooting I was unable to repurchase the bikini for Trianna at the mall.

2. After talking to Ian about the events after the sex fight with Mikah it immediately sends you to the main men 

3. I'm unable to reboot Xenia's story. After tapping on her it only gives me the three options to increase my stats in the gym.

Hope these can get fixed as I'd really love to continue the story and enjoying the game! 

Hi, all those bug were fixed in 2.4.5 or 2.5.0. But thanks for reporting them!!

Hey I saw the update 2.4.5 and see a Sexfight for Mikah and Amelie. When us the public version gonna release?


Hi, probably this weekend!


Loved the first game, haven't played this one yet but definitely excited for future updates. 

One thing I do hope there is more of in this game that wasn't in the first.

That the monsters even though they have dicks they don't really use it that much. Maybe be given a choice to stop them or let them rape the girls and the police woman would have been cool if you could do something with them especially after saving her from the monster.


Thanks, the second definitely has a lot more content!

any plans for anymore foot fetish related things  like footjobs or things like that?


Yes, there will be some more foot in the future probably.

(1 edit) (+2)

bruh im pissed with my self i didnt see i was playing the second game 😭😭😭 im downloading the first one right away but i love the second one so far


Hehe, don't worry, you are not the first one to!
Remember to get the last update for both games! I hope you like RBL1 too!


ye im finna play it tonight maybe

when will version 2.4.5 be free?


Probably by the end of the month, or June.


Do I have to play part 1 to get the story or is this an independant story in the same world or something?


You should. But you get a kind of previously when you start the second game.

How can i download 2.35 bc of the Xenia bug im in mobile?


It's been fixed on 2.4.5

in the 2.4.5 version Ginny is sitting on the floor instead of on the desk


I'll look into this. thanks.


Fixed, thanks for reporting this! (Not sure how I broken this, but it was)

(2 edits)

I ended up ruining my relationship with Xenia and I know I have to reboot my relationship with the manage Xenia option but the problem is, how do I access that option? Every time I click her in the gym, it shows the training options and not the options with Xenia. So, If someone could help?

Yes, I was reported of this bug yesterday and it will be fixed in the next update, to solve it for the moment, you can load an early stage with xenia and reboot her before doing the last event.

Well, as long as it's fixed soon, there's no problem



Thanks to you for reporting!

I know U have a fuck tone on Ur plate but just wanna know cause I messed up as well, is the rebbot option fixed cause I don't seem to find it. Sorry for prying.

Yes, Its fixed for 2.4.5!

(2 edits) (+1)


the one piece posters made me so fucking happy in the new house holy shit


Nice job spotting it!

sammeeee dude

are there no h scenes with natalie yet?

Not yet.

well, i still enjoy your game, i hope to see many great updates to this gem

Don't worry, she will eventually get content, but since there's so many girls, I'll try to focus first on the girls with a lot, to get them to a good advanced point, then start with the others. Thanks for the words!

The download link says it's still 2.3.5, is this a site error

small bug in 2.3.5: Violet's replay gallery is not working, as the image "2/images/ui/bars/violet/violet3.png" is missing.

And thanks for the game, I had lots of fun with it!


THanks!, That bug has been fixed for update 2.4.0 hehe

So Quick question when you save your'e cousin (trying to say little without spoilers) does all the npcs on the map supposed to disappear besides the triplets and your cousin cause of right now thats the only to i can talk too

That means you are in the RW, you should go to your room, where you can switch to the other one... The triplets shouldn't be there, I'll check that.

Hello, I really love Reboot 1 and part 2. Trianna is my favorite character and love the sexfight game from beginning to end (Because It's my favorite genre/fetish). I was wondering if any of the girls will be involved in the Sexfight like Mikah, or is it just her? I miss Trianna's and Susan's sexfight. Still interested to see more :)


Yes, more girls will be at sexfights, but I don't want just to "add them" I want them to have an interesting fight, so the fight is worth it!

(1 edit)

Hey, that's a wonderfull game, good job here, the storylines are pretty good and all are different and make sense. Any idea of when the next update will come up to us ?

If I make it on time, 2.4.0 will be released this Sunday, if not, next Sunday probably. (Patron schedule)

Nice thx for your answer !! Take all the time you need to keep it improve, it's really good so far 😉

I don't know if i'm missing how i'm supposed to do it or not but i can't travel between worlds in the 2.3 update and it's locking off all the other content from me as i can't access it in the other world. Is this a bug/oversight or am i just missing how i'm supposed to do it? Both amelie and mc say wait for future updates so there's no other options for me to go back it seems.

To travel between world you must do it in your room. Clicking the planet icon.

I don't see a planet icon in my room sadly, should i try reinstalling this version?

Well, that sounds like a bug... If you can share your save file so I can try to fix it, but yes. A clean re-start may avoid it.  If I'm right, I fixed a bug like that for 2.3.5 but I'm not sure if that's your problem.

If that's the case i'm fine waiting for 2.3.5 to be released here, tried a reinstall but the icon still doesn't appear though it could be because i can't actually delete the game off of android less i lose all my saves. How do you share a save file here from android?

Yeah, android is a bitch in that case. Let's wait for 2.3.5 and see what happens!



Tho my anger’s not fully gone yet, it feels nice ranting like that.

On that note, anyone know an external program that I can download and use to delete certain characters from a Renpy game?? just asking for a friend.

Now that I’ve calmed down since there’s no more potential NTR scenes (Atleast for the time being), would Ian do something to one of the girls too?? Because if it’s just a girl I don’t care about, I could completely ignore him and not get rant again. So, I need to know which one.


Also, I’ve decided to stop playing the game. Maybe temporarily, or maybe permanently. But either way, I still need the answer to the Ian question and the External Program question.

I'd say... Keep playing... Everything will have an explanation, and don't worry... No one's fucking with your girls.

Hey... Don't get like this... Blake and Ian are there just as a support. 

They won't do anything without your consent. 

In the case of Jikan, well, is Xenia's girlfriend and you can choose to ignore her if you want to. Nothing will be forced or mandatory...

If you want further spoilers....

For the moment:
Ian will help you to learn to be a better manager for Susan. And if you choose, help you to fight Mikah. 

Blake... I guess it was pretty obvious, but... He's not on "guy's team"....

ANd Jikan.... Well... He's not even real.

Cheat codes?

Hey random porn play but wondering if I would have to play part 1 to understand the story of this game. I would play part 1 but this catches my eye more not to be rude im sure the first game is also grea

Second game continues the game story of the first one. There's a kind of previously in the 2nd game but I'm not sure if that it's enough.

oh ok Then I will be sure to play through the first then to get the right ide

hello in amelie when after the couch scene if u choose to continue the "love" i got a ticket "cousin error" so to continue i choose end this" and now i cant even talk to emelie

Try reloading before that, and go to the girls tab, and press the "CUSTOM NAMES" button.  Then chose to change the name and relationships, even if you keep the same, then try again talking to Amelie.

its to late i have continue the story !i need to start from the beggining? or i can somehow to talk to her again? i have change the custom name

Yes, you can farm for hearts at the forest, though they have a low % to drop. If you get 5 hearts, you can restart amelie's branch


Damn bro why can't the mc just keep stuffs about his girls to himself and trynna show “proofs” what a dumbass I hate him already. Good thing theres no Netorare here because those stuffs most likely go down to blackmail route.


Sadly, he can't. People will ignore or just think he's lying/crazy. He tries some things, but until he wakes a girl, she won't remember the truth.

never tried this before so.. I don't if I like it or not but the background and the girls are promising so that's a plus. I'll review again soon after I finish the game ^^

finished it yet

I did and It's Freaking awesome So worth reading it

does/will the Amelie dom route have any exclusive scenes that won't feature in the power route or is the change mostly dialogue?

yes. She will. I'm working on the first one right now.

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